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What is WorldSkills Americas

WorldSkills Americas

The WorldSkills Americas is a non-governmental organization that brings together Institutions of Professional Education of the countries from Americas and Caribbean with the objective of carrying out Competitions related to Vocational Training, encouraging and promoting the technical and pedagogical exchange between Member Countries, looking for the development and improvement of the Professional Education.


To promote, through the cooperative actions of Members, the awareness of the contribution that skills and high standards of professional education provide economic success and individual fulfillment.


  • To stimulate young people to reach a better technical training process.
  • To incentive for a better level of performance of each Competitor in each trade.
  • To provide to the Competitors a life experience in tests situations, similar to those to be faced in their future vocational careers.
  • To promote the technical-pedagogical interchange among the participants (teachers and competitors).
  • To stimulate the permanent improvement of the process of Technical Education Training.
  • To provide process indicators that will allow a better evaluation of the Technical Education conditions.
  • To allow the demonstration of the Technical Education Training, by the presentation of the technical knowledge and skills of the participants (experts and competitors).
  • Encourage the transfer of skills, knowledge and cultural exchange between participants in WorldSkills Americas.
  • To supply indicators for the development of Competitors who could be participating in similar events, as an example WorldSkills Competition.